Anthony Padilla LEAVES SMOSH, In Touching Video

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  • Big changes in the makings for Smosh, as one of its co-founders, Anthony Padilla, leaves the famed YouTube sketch group turned massive mini media empire. Anthony Padilla explains why he is leaving the website in a very emotional video posted on his channel, and explains that the reason behind his gigantic change is one of a mostly creative variety.

    The video begins with Anthony recounting the beginnings of his company, created with his best friend Ian Hecox when they were in school as teens — about how they first came to LA — and about how the excitement has waned as the work he creates has to be filtered through a corporation. Anthony is nervous about creating things without Ian or Smosh, but says he is also excited to create things that don’t have to pass through a filter, and is excited to create excellent work. We can’t wait to see what he makes with his newfound freedom.

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