INTERVIEW: Comedian Jamie Loftus Eats and Butt-Chugs A Copy of Infinite Jest

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  • Jamie Loftus is a brilliant comedic voice in LA , a writer— and also, as the world recently discovered — an eater of David Foster’s Wallace’s brilliant world changing, and I assume, okay tasting novel “Infinite Jest”. The popular gigantic paperback copy of Infinite Jest is 1,079 pages long, and it has been a year since Jamie has begun her noble mission of eating Infinite Jest — .

    Jamie released a video of some of the many exciting and exotic locales at which she has eaten Infinite Jest throughout the last 365 days— including a Thomas Kinkade outlet, Harvard University, her kitchen in a sandwich, New York City, Comic-Con, the Boston Gay Pride Parade, Disneyland and Wrestlemania.

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  • While the year long compilation has some of the best moments, you can find the longer clips by going to the hashtag #EATININFINITEJEST on her Twitter page @HamburgerPhone, or just scroll through this thread — it seems to collect the best of them!

    And look — Jamie and I have been friends for a while. We’re in the comedy scene. We both write for the Devastator (buy Jamie’s book Poisonous People Paper Dolls now! If you have some money left over, buy my stupid zine too, it’s about Bowie.) So— I took advantage of the fact that my friend went mega viral, and interviewed her about her exciting book eating journey.

    Jamie, why did you do this?: I was tired of people at parties and the bookstores I worked at telling me to read something that weighs the same as a newborn baby. I would rather teach a newborn baby kung fu, which I have done and got more positive life experience out of.

    Jamie, why didn’t you eat a smaller book what are you doing?: Eating Night by Elie Wiesel would have been extremely offensive.

    Now that you are famous will you still talk to me or what’s up?: I am pretty busy right now walking to 7-11. They are running a special where you can fill a Big Gulp with iced coffee and not sleep for days.

    What are you going to eat next? Is it a book or is it food?: It is, without a doubt in my mind, a cherry pie from 7-11 that comes in a cardboard box.

    Can you say “What’s Trending Dot Com Is Bringing All The Hits To The Greater Worcester Area”?: I just did! Quietly, to my hamster, and she seemed interested in what I had to say. This is a resonant phrase in the small mammal community, I guess.

    Have you read Infinite Jest?:Absolutely not. I hear it is quite good and that there are some tennis-based metaphors. Unfortunately, David Foster Wallace tends to wear bandanas in interviews and that’s not something I can look past at this time.

    What do you want your army of child fans to know or understand or even learn idk:I want my growing army of teen goth assassins to know that everything will be okay if they follow my instructions to the letter, and that they will be receiving the coordinates for their next hit very soon.

    Jamie, is there anything that you think has been missed in the coverage of you eating a copy of Infinite Jest?:I don’t know why anyone hasn’t been upset or noticed the fact that I made Infinite Jest into a smoothie and buttchugged it. Maybe they just don’t want to see what they don’t want to see. But I sort of want them to see, you know?

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  • Thank you for the interview, Jamie.

  • 150 pages down, 929 to go. We’re rooting for you eating a very big book, Jamie. If you like this, definitely follow Jamie on Twitter for more antics such as this, listen to her podcast The Bechdelcast, and tune in tomorrow for her Facebook Live event “The First Annual Daddy Pageant Livestream, and you can visit her website, Should be amazing

    What do you think, though? Will Jamie achieve her goal? Will you follow Jamie Loftus at @HamburgerPhone to watch this exciting progress? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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