Lil Yachty RAPS the Names of 59 Simpsons Characters on Tonight Show

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  • Once in a while the internet makes a masterpiece that seems specifically made to be only for me. One of those things is this incredible Tonight Show video of rapper Lil’ Yachty rapping the names of 59 Simpsons characters, and guys — he gets kind of obscure. Does he rap about Dr. Hibbert? Folks. He raps about Dr. Hibbert. Does he rap about Mr. Burns’ two goons Crusher and Lowblow!? Oh hells yeah! But does he cover Sideshow Mel!? I didn’t see Sideshow Mel, I am extremely sad to inform my readers. Still, any rap song with the lyric “Stay clear of Nelson, he’ll laugh at you openly” is my new pump up song, so whatever.

    The song is filled with even more super specific references — steamed hams get their own slide, as does aurora borealis — both from Skinner’s ill fated dinner with Superintendent Chalmers that has been made so memeable.

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  • Lil Yachty ends the song with an impressive amount of characters obscure and not (but where’s Dr. Marvin Monroe!? Where’s Bleeding Gums Murphy? What’s that? They were never popular? Well, okay.). Then Lil’ Yachty shows off his Bart Simpson chain. Nice.

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