Jenna Marbles CELEBRATES Dog Birthday Like Only She Can

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  • Being a dog mom is one of life’s greatest joys. The cuddles, the unwavering love and the long walks are just some of the perks. YouTube sensation and one of the internet’s favorite dog moms, Jenna Marbles took the joy to another level in her latest video. For her pups’, the month of June is birthday month. That’s right, all three of her furry friends (and her moms dog) were born in June; so the star decided to throw them an unforgettable party.

    With the help of a blow up shark pool, some water toys and floaties, Marbles threw a #LIT pool party for her pups. Although she had high hopes for the party and spent “hours” blowing up the pool, Kermie, Marbles (the dog, not the dog mom) and Peachies weren’t as enthused about it as their mom. In the end, she was able to get all three to spend some time in the water, but the real fun for them came when a squirrel was in their back yard.

    Do you guys throw your dogs birthday parties? Let us know in the comments or @whatstrending on Twitter!

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