SUSHI FERRIS WHEEL Takes Your Sweet Sushi On A Little Adventure

It's like your sushi is going on a date!
By Alex Firer
  • Happy Sushi Day, folks! This delightful meal has enjoyed quite the renaissance ever since it began as a rice treat in Japan 2,000 years ago, to today when I eat it off a conveyer belt with my buddy Mitch for lunch. Yum! And now there’s a new way to play with — and enjoy — our favorite raw fish based rice snack known as “the sush” in its funnest form yet — as a ferris wheel.

  • Toymaker Takara Tomy is releasing a sushi ferris wheel — and as the exciting commercial above shows, it’s a hell of a weird and fancy way to get your sweet sush [spelled like so because I gotta get my sush!] to you. Sushi is a food that has as much resting on its presentation as it does on its amazing taste, and the ferris wheel should help with that quite a bit.

    Plus your sweet sush [sic] can go on a little adventure before its greatest journey — being eaten by you! The eater!

    What’s next? Sushi rollercoaster!? Sushi teacup ride!? Sushi castle like the Disneyland castle but with sushi? Makes you think, man.

    What do you think of sushi day and this delicious sushi ferris wheel? Yum yum! Will you be ordering one you sushi eating goon? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.