The CUTEST Things 5 Celebrity Dads Have Said About Their Kids

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  • Nothing in this world compares to the love parents have for their children. That love only truly gets celebrated two times a year — Mothers Day and Fathers Day. In order to celebrate all the dads out there, we thought we would highlight some of the cutest things 5 celebrity dads have said about their kids.

    1. Chris Pratt

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  • The actor has one son with his wife Anna Faris. Their son, Jack, was born 9 weeks early and spent a month in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) before the new parents were able to take him home. In an interview with Yahoo Style, Pratt opened up about their experience with that and life as a father. “Anna and I went through a lot with our guy and spent a lot of time in the NICU,” he told Yahoo. “I can’t imaging a world wheel I don’t have [Jack] in my life.” When asked about the different moments he and Faris share on social media with Jack he said, “Those are those little snapshots into our life. It’s really cool. Those types of moments are the most meaningful.”

    2. Eric Decker

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  • Singer Jessie James Decker and Jets wide-receiver, Eric Decker have two beautiful babies together. Vivianne, their first born, is 3 and Eric II is 1. The doting dad opened up to AOL Lifestyle about what it means to him to be a dad and how having a son is different than having a daughter. “My love for them is different. My daughter, I just want to protect her, I just want to care for her. My son, I want to wrestle with him, toughen him up,” he said. “As they develop and get a little older, you start developing that relationship, and it’s unique between both of them. How you talk to them, the things you do, it’s really cool.”

    3. Jimmy Kimmel

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  • The star welcomed his second child with his wife on April 21. In a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! he used the opening monologue to reveal that his son was born with a heart defect. In the emotional opening bit, Kimmel described the “terrifying” moment a nurse discovered that Billy, his newborn son had a heart murmur and appeared to be a bit purple in color. “It was the longest three hours of my life,” Kimmel said. In the end his son turned out to be okay, and Kimmel used the moment to promote his support of keeping the ACA and not replacing it with the AHCA, which would knock 24 million off of healthcare.

    4. Ryan Reynolds

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  • Ryan Reynolds, who was named People Magazine’s Sexiest Dad Alive in 2016, has always been vocal about his love for being a father. Reynolds is known for his ridiculously funny tweets that often center around his daughters, but he also shows his soft side when it comes to James (2) and Ines (8 months) in interviews. “Having a daughter was a dream come true for me. I would love to have a little boy at some point, but I would not be an unhappy man if I had a six-person soccer team of girls,” he told People.

    5. Chris Hemsworth

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  • The middle Hemsworth brother is a father of three beautiful children. In an interview with Parade Magazine, the actor talked about a tender moment he had with his daughter, India. “There’s the idea that we, as parents, spend all this time protecting our children – No, I think they’re protecting us. Sitting in the car with my head on her lap and her singing to me, there was this understanding of, ‘wow, she’s looking after dad, and that’s her job.’ You know? And that was such a joy,” he said.

    How are you guys celebrating your dads today? Let us know in the comments or at @whatstrending on Twitter!

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