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  • I guess we shouldn’t be surprised so much entertainment is being developed out of apps these days. We write what we know, and if our faces are buries in our phones all day long, then folks, that’s just what we’re going to write about. So — from the same mindset that gave us the Emoji Movie, First we’re getting the emoji movie, now — CBS is making a Candy Crush television game show show! Pleesh!

    The game show is centered around a few reality show contestants from CBS’s other shows as the traverse a gigantic Candy Crush wall — like a gigantic version of your phone or iPad — and try to match the candies. The prize is a hundred thousand dollars, Mario Lopez hosts and we are just mere moments away from my dream show based on an app — Passive Aggressively Waiting For Your Postmates Order And Look I Know This Is Out Of Their Hands But Ugh I Want My Thai Food Come On, coming soon to NBC.

    The Candy Crush television show is set to air on July 9th on CBS at 9/8c and I’m sure is going to be fine. Me, I’m more of a Dr. Mario man myself. But what do you think? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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