Watch Will Ferrell’s Legendary Comedy Brain Play “Think Fast” on Tonight Show

"Why is the sun hot?" "Yellow".
By Alex Firer
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  • We all know Will Ferrell is one of the greats — wether at sketch or improv or what have you! But the only place we see the comedy superstar these days is on the big screen! Which doesn’t allow you for off the cuff goofems — any goofems must go through an army of editors who often cut goofems out and replace them with “ungoofems” (or seriousems, if you may). So it’s fun to see Will Ferrell play “Think Fast” on the Tonight Show, where he can just word associate to his little WIll Ferrell heart’s content!

    The rules are simple. Will Ferrell just has to say SOMETHING in response to the questions Fallon asks. What he says really kind of shows off how his improv comedy brain associates things. Like, why is the sun hot, Ferrell is asked — and his answer? Yellow. It’s just true! Check out how he can make with the good goofems with only a word association — it’s very impressive!

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