Petty Chef Makes Restoring a Rusty Knife Look Fun

His cat watched the whole thing
By Allie Dietz
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  • I’ve seen all types of pettiness in my day. Girls can be petty when other girls talk to their boyfriends, Beyonce dropped a whole album to make up for Jay-Z’s affair and my sister gets petty every time my mom says she loves me. This chef on YouTube took petty to a whole other level though when he bought a rusty knife for $3 and thought it was a rip off. “I’m going to make sure that guy is jealous for selling it to me for only $3,” he said about why he decided to restore the knife. In the 3 minute clip, we can see the YouTube user, JunsKitchen scrub, sharpen and shine the knife, bringing it to better shape than it’s probably ever been in. At the end of the clip, Jun shows off his wicked knife skills and his handy work while chopping up anything and everything.

    I don’t know what was better, watching him make cleaning a knife look fun, or watching his cute cat watch him clean the knife. Would you guys ever restore a knife? Are you this petty? Let us know in the comments or at @whatstrending on Twitter!

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