These Robo Sumos Are INCREDIBLY FAST

Human sumos -- watch your back! Here come robo sumos!
By Alex Firer
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  • Folks, let’s say you’re visiting Japan. And sure, you want to see a sumo show, and sure you want to see robots duking it out — but you only have time for just one show! And buddy, you’re short of time so these shows have to move with the unholy speed of bullets in the wind! Of wild animals. Buddy, what are you going to do! Well. Why not. Check out this sumo robot show, friend!

  • In a video uploaded to Reddit, we see some of the best of the more lightweight rounds of the All Japan Robot-Sumo Tournament, whose Facebook, complete with photos of competitors and events you can visit if you’re in Japan next week for whatever reason (maybe to ask everyone for the three shows mentioned above). It’s very exciting, when you watch the video the robots move quickly and — like in actual sumo — the rules are simple — one robot must push the other out of the ring. The video hilights robots in the three kilogram class, and often a lightweight efficient design works better than one with a lot of details and wings and such.

    The favorite is clearly this little guy with a metal edge attached to him just flying around.

    The sport is exciting, and has in the past even found some popularity in America — as Vice’s Motherboard column hilighted by checking out an engineering school in New York in 2016 where these competitions took place regularly. Students offered advice on how to create a victory ready robot, saying —

    “The winner isn’t usually the best designed. It’s usually really well designed, but it’s the most consistently working robot”

    So, outta the way you fancy vain sumo bots! Your salt of the Earth sumo bot is coming your way!

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