Sorry Barbie!: Here Comes Man-Bun Ken

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  • While Barbie has always been on the forefront of fashion, Ken was always a much more simple man, wearing only the finest of normcore wherever he goes. But Ken just recieved an upgrade — he’s become more customizable! Some of that is good — different skin tones feels like a step in the right direction — but some of these — like different hairstyles — feel like they’re not. Now I’m a man of the old world. I don’t like to deal with difficult people. Guys. Ken just doesn’t need a man bun!

    I mean, why are we making Barbie settle for someone so clearly not right for her! Barbie deserves better than some manbun doofus! Barbie’s a working woman on the go! Give us back that normcore guy we can bring home without upsetting anyone too much. A manbun? I hope Toy Story was right and toys do come to life so his feelings can be hurt by reading this.

    These Tweets could do the job, too.

  • Everyone agrees. Man-Bun Ken is a dick.

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