America’s Got Talent THRILLS With Light Balance Dancers

They got the Golden Buzzer to boot!
By Alex Firer
  • America’s Got Talent has gotten quite a bit of attention this month for its showcasing of odder, more vulnerable, and weird talent. It’s had a ventriloquist that frankly made me cry quite a few more times than a doll singing a song from Porgy and Bess I think would have — and an incredible kid dancing like a robot that took TV screens my storm. But those were kids — adorable kids doing adorable kid things. — this next showcase was a little more trippy. A little funkier. And a thousand times more insane.

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  • The stage begins with a neon dressed man in a top hat and beard sitting on a neon throne — a throne made of other light up men! Neon left and right! All is neon! Their dance is beautiful — telling the story of one funky neon hipster wizard and his adventures riding around in his neon light up car. The dance — done by the group Light Balance, is mind altering and there’s no doubt as to why it got the Golden Buzzer.

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