Jenny Slate and Jon Hamm — DATING!?

The internet is rubbing its eyes in shock!
By Alex Firer
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  • Look, the internet has its loves, its “baes” so to speak — especially that portion of the internet that’s a little on the dorkier side, and when two of our baes date, our little minds explode at the concept of love true! Also, when comedians date hunks, come on — it’s very cool. Such is Jenny Slate, rebounding in a sense from her relationship with super hunk Chris Evans, and was seen exiting a movie theater with other super hunk and Mad Men star Jon Hamm.

    The internet is losing its mind! SNL’s own Jenny Slate with Mad Men’s Jon Hamm? Obvious Child’s star and the secondary villain from Bridesmaids? The bully from Bob’s Burgers and the talking toilet from Bob’s Burgers? Together at last! That’s right, folks. They played those two characters… respectively.

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  • I always love relationships like this. And why wouldn’t I. Sure, both are equally and incredibly attractive people, but Jenny Slate is silly for a living! I’m silly on here! If a silly goofem can date a hunk, maybe all our chances for love are— real!?!?! And Chris Evans is single they say? Hmmm…

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