All through the power of augmented reality!
By Alex Firer
  • Guys, reality is trash and I very much want to go live in a video game. I know, I know, you say, but isn’t a video game world a dangerous place. Folks — it can be! But you know what, if you die you just regenerate, so in a way isn’t it actually about a billion times safer than our awful reality? Oh heck yeah, you know it is bro! Well one guy felt the same way as me — probably — and thus programmer Abhishek Sign created the Super Mario Bros , World 1-1 augmented reality!

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  • Augmented reality is when a camera in a computer system adds graphics you can interact with to the world around you — Pokémon Go is maybe the most obvious example of this, where you see the Poke’mon in your real world. This is a more exciting and immersive type of augmented reality — as you see before you the familiar sites of Mario’s 8-bit world. Goombas! Castles! Flags! Giant stairs that like — well, you know, they’re not physically there, you can’t actually climb them. But still, impressive.

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