Gorilla Dancing to Maniac is ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL

Flashdance!? More like-- ape dance!
By Alex Firer
  • The internet is full of delightful videos of animals doing adorable things, but this gorilla dancing to the song “Maniac” is something else. It’s a pure expression of absolute joy in a creature only a few DNA strands in ours. And guys — he likes 80’s hits as much as we do!

    The video has been spreading on Twitter showing the majestic ape circling around in a pool as the strands to “Maniac”, the song made famous by the film Flashdance plays in the background. Does this ape too long to escape the confines of the society which allows him to dance not not — aka — the zoo!? Does he no longer long for bananas and sweet natured and impressive ASL but in fact — the art of dance!? Such things are mystery. One thing we do know, this video is delightful!

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