Late Night Comedians Take On The President’s Cut Heavy Healthcare Bill

The GOP congress refuses to explain the bill to us, so of course it all falls on Seth Meyers' shoulders...
By Alex Firer
  • Folks, if you can get sick or know anyone who can get sick or get old or whatnot, it would be a pretty good idea to call your Senator right about now, as the AHCA — the president’s replacement for Obamacare/ACA that’s going to slash healthcare, dropping millions and more or less destroy medicare — which like — again, bad news if you plan on growing old or having a child some day.

    All of this is bleak — which is why I’m thrilled to say that our Late Night comedians have stepped up to the plate and gave a little bit of levity to all of this extreme healthcare bleakness. First off was Seth Meyers telling us pretty much the straight facts — classic Daily Show style — about Mitch McConnell, how this bill was drafted in secret, and what it means for the American people.

  • Then there was Jimmy Kimmel who took a more sketch like approach to describing or showing the fallout of these events by talking to a group of children about it. Watch as children are outraged and shocked that someone would lose their healthcare “just cuz”. Also there’s a kid who wants to grow up to be a “president like Trump” which is both weird and cute at the same time.

  • Then, our favorite, Stephen Colbert went over the basics of the scramble for votes on the healthcare bill, cutting into just how strongly republicans are bypassing any debate on this bill — are they worried we’ll lose? The gags in this are just lovely.

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