Ellen CATCHES and SHAMES Thief on Talk Show

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  • Ellen DeGeneres is known for a few things — her sweet sense of humor, her brilliant talk show and of course, her legendary Les Miserables/Javert sense of justice, where she will climb to the ends of the Earth to stop thieves for even the pettiest of crimes. Maybe. Something like that! Ellen recently set up a hidden camera next a “take one item” table tried to see who would obey the rules or who— would take more than they needed! Folks. The results were varied!

  • Most only took one item — however, one viewer took TWO. TWO!!! TWO!!!!!!! Ellen showed the video and much like Javert, Russell Crowe’s character from Les Miserables, punishment was doled out, and the offendant was sent to Ellen Jail! Ellen Jail I know is a little kindest than most prisons but the punishment is cruel. I hope it was worth it, fowl villain! For Ellen shall pursue you to the ends of the Earths prisoner 24601— errr— casual audience members who just took a hat.

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