Toothpick Crossbow Trend TAKES OVER China

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  • As school around the country are banning fidget spinners, maybe they should take a moment to take inventory of just how lucky they are. After all, fidget spinners are just toys. They don’t hurt anyone. They’re not like— just as an example — TINY TOOTHPICK SHOOTING CROSSBOWS THAT HAVE TAKEN CHINA BY STORM! Yup. Toothpick crossbows are a gigantic trend in China, and they are exactly what they sound like.

  • I mean, I keep hearing a toy might put your eye out, and guess what — this one actually did! One ten year old lost his eye after being shot in it by one of these things. Hell, from only 20 to 60 feet away, one of these can pierce aluminum — and they’re even more damaging if you load them with steel bolts or needles! Terrible! And they come as cheap as a dollar! Fidget spinners are at least annoying, and police in the province of Zhejiang are currently rounding them up, before more toys can just— straight up injure people. Yeesh!

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