Two titans. Locked in battle. Trying to get a sweet cheesy gordita crunch.
By Alex Firer
  • In a conflict worthy of the might titans themselves, two cars were in a gridlock as one refused the other to go past it at a Taco Bell drive thru. Watch in agony and glory. Gaze upon the two figures locked in battle — a woman in her car and another women in her car as their vehicles gaze into each other’s eyes. An onlooker gazes in terror. “Stop acting like 12 year olds”, she shouts to the two taco titans. Someone has to move!

    One titan threatens to call the police and it seems to be the only solution. Not until a Taco Bell employee comes out and just asks someone to move does the chaos die down and one of the drivers just decides to go home — possibly to eat her own Taco Bell and block her own driveway back home. Then, we have an eleventh hour surprise — here come the cops, folks! She did call the police! Hatchi matchi! Drama!

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