Koalas BRAWL in the Middle of Australian Road

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  • We all know koalas are bullies — remember that insane video of the giant koala pushing that little one out of the tree and making it cry? — but what happens when two koalas with terrible tempers find each other? Do they create a long lasting friendship based on their love of bullying? Do they kiss big and kiss hard? Or do they fight each other in the Australian road like two tiny fight mutants as a truck comes barreling towards them, caring not for their lives, only to destroy the other koala in battle?!

    Folks. I am excited to announce it is 100% the latter. Watch in terror and glory as two koalas claw each other in the street — and as for the truck? Well, it swerves out of the way at the final moment, leaving the koalas to beat each other up in the road unbothered by the concerns of man’s and the trucking industry.

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