Girl FALLS From Six Flags Ride

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  • A fourteen-year-old girl from Delaware was dangling dangerously off of a ride at Six Flags in upstate New York, when she dropped 25 feet and was safely caught by some kind hands below. Amusement parks – while they tend to be safe, so often the case happens where something breaks, snaps, and every park goers nightmare comes to stark life, as we see every once in a while.

    The ride the girl was on, The Sky Ride, is a slow moving gondola that lets your feet dangle over the park below and somehow, the girl slipped out and her head was stuck. Witnesses reported the girl was loudly screaming for help saying she couldn’t breathe. The other rider with her also seemed to be about her age and helpless to pull her up.

    Within seconds, a crowd of park employees and visitors got underneath the girl to catch her, which they did! Successfully! Go, park goers!

    The girl was rushed to a nearby hospital in Albany, but suffered no serious injuries. A 47-year-old man from Schenectady suffered back and neck injuries from breaking the girls fall. No one is sure how the girl came loose from the safety equipment.  Park crews inspected the car and found no problems, but Six Flags has shut the ride down for a full inspection.

    As scary as this moment was, at least it was over quickly. In April, 24 people were stuck high in the air for over 3 hours on a roller coaster at a Six Flags in Maryland. Yeesh.

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