FBE Here To Make You Feel Old

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  • Man. Feeling old because of pop culture is a hell of a rush. Like, for me personally, Toy Story 2 is still in my head a brand new movie and guys — its eighteen years old! And don’t get me started on Toy Story 3 — that feels like it came out yesterday but I guess its almost been a decade. Whoops! I’m an old grizzled soul! Whoops!

    FBE know just how intense this kind of feeling is, and they used it well in their video ADULTS REACT TO TRY NOT TO FEEL OLD CHALLENGE. We see modern millennials faced with the pop culture residue of the last twenty years — South Park, Jerry Maguire, The Backstreet Boys, as they are shocked — SHOCKED — that Jonathan Lipnicki — the little kid from Jerry Maguire is older than them! Shocked!

    And ‘lo, you snickering fools in the background! You go “I’ll never feel old, I know that”, well guess what ding dong! Remember freakin Iron Man? That’s nine years old! The never endless glut of Marvel movies is almost a decade old! Still, I got to hand it to this one guy. As everyone else was freaking out, he kept it alllll together…

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  • That man is cool with watching clips from the 90’s and not having an existential breakdown.

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