Here’s Some Audio Of A CNN Reporter Yelling At Sean Spicer

No cameras means everyone finally tells this guy how they actually feel about him!
By Alex Firer
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  • Although we’re a pop culture blog, we’ve been covering quite a bit of Sean Spicer. Why? Because for a guy whose job is more or less to spread the weird lies of the president’s administration (and sometimes undermined by the president as he just tells the self incriminating truth or a different lie), he’s infinitely memeable. Just a weird clown we all get mad at. Maybe that’s why the cameras have been turned off — after he hid pathetically in the bushes, it’s just the next natural step. Well, there’s still audio recordings, and without the American people watching, the journalists themselves have slowly started to let down their guard, and if you’ve ever wanted to hear a CNN reporter shout at Sean Spicer, there it is above.

    Listen to that wimpy little weasel Sean Spicer being begging for a calmer tone as if that matters at all when you’re defending a giant swearing sweat ball trying to take away your right for no reason. Although, if that’s the job you’ve wanted, buddy — enjoy.

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