Man Jumps From Balcony With Parachute He Bought Online

He survives but it's-- hard to watch.
By Allie Dietz
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  • Sky diving is on every bucket list I have ever read. I don’t really understand those adrenaline seekers who put the terrifying jump on their list, but at least they want to do it with trained professionals and safe parachutes. What I can’t wrap my brain around is this man who thought jumping from a balcony with a parachute he bought online was a good plan. In a video that’s making it’s rounds on the internet, you can hear a little boy and a woman crying in the background as the man jumps from the balcony with the cheap parachute. Turns out, the man thought it would be good to invite his family watch him test the parachute and the two people crying were his wife and son who were afraid the man was jumping to his death. He didn’t, thank god, but fingers crossed his wife won’t let him live that down for years.

    Seriously, who puts their family through that?? Would you guys ever jump from something with a parachute you bought online? Would you be upset if your family member did this to you? Let us know in the comments or at @whatstrending on Twitter!