Marvel's next offering is an intriguing one.
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  • When a new Marvel trailer is released, it’s always a big deal and event here in What’s Trending headquarters — and this one is no different. The Inhumans — a race of hyper evolved humans whose history owes as much to the Roman pantheon as it does to the super science that inhabits every Jack Kirby and Marvel comic.

    The trailer hints that this is going to very much be Marvel’s new big thing — we see an incredible world which reminds us of some of the many beautiful kingdom’s we’ve seen in Lord of the Rings — and an epic story as we see Black Bolt — who can never speak as his voice is a weapon, Medusa, with her attacking red hair, Karnak, Maximus the Mad, and so many others. Including, and most importantly — Lockjaw — a big old goofy dog who can teleport around. More superhero sagas need something like this, in my unbelievably, absurdly, humble opinion.

    Not every loves the trailer however. Some have complained of its inability to truly translate the intense melodrama of the Inhumans — and how it pales in comparison to Marvel’s cinematic fare. But what do you think? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.