$10,000 Pizza Bikini Made of Real Pizza

By Alex Firer
Overpriced for a pizza bikini, underprice for the amazing experience of being a weird goof.
  • What’s the most you would pay for a bikini? Thirty bucks or so, right? What’s the most you’d pay for a pizza? Five thousand, right?! (What’s that? Pizza is worth so much less than the prices I listed?) Well, buckle in your weirdo, because a pizza bikini is going online for ten thousand dollars! That’s right! Created by Villa — a pizza chain — if you want to purchase a bikini made of pizza, you will have to (never eat pizza with a) fork over a sweet ten thousand dollars! Augh. At this point I just have so many questions!

  • Mainly, is this overpriced bikini machine washable? Can you even wear it in the water? And what if a hungry but Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle like shark sees the pizza and wants a bite? What then? This all seems just like a huge stunt to get us to say “Villa’s Pizza” and think about “Villa’s Pizza”! And buddy, I refuse! Vegetables all the way, man! Cheap affordable vegetables!

    Oh fine, it’s cool.

    What do you think of the pizza bikini? Do you have the ten grand to pay for it or do you make a normal amount of money? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.