Will Taylor Swift, Queen of The Fourth of July, Throw Her Annual Bash?

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  • Fourth of July is finally here and there are quite a few American traditions to look forward to. Photos of fireworks, barbecues and a whole lot of red white and blue are undoubtably going to be filling our Instagram feeds. One question remains though: Will the queen of Independents Day, Taylor Swift throw her infamous annual Fourth of July party.

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  • In 2013, T. Swift introduced the world to her big bash with a slew of photos she posted to her blog that showed off her and members from her tour celebrating. One year later, in 2014 we got a glimpse of what her festivities would be for the next few years. This era of her parties is the one we all have grown to love — one with a lot of celebrities, perfect photos and envy to be invited to the “Blank Space” singer’s Rhode Island home. 2015 was the real coming of age for the star-studded event though, with Swift and Calvin Harris’s relationship coming into the spotlight after she posted pictures to Instagram. just like the year before, the party was full of A-list guests and supermodels. Last year’s celebration was no different (well, except this time the world was introduced to her relationship with Tom Hiddleston). Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid and other members of the pop star’s girl squad were all there to post amazing Instagram’s that will go down in history. Also, let’s not forget Hiddleston’s cringe-worthy I <3 T.S. shirt.

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  • While the last few years have solidified Swift’s name as queen of the fourth, she has been pretty much MIA for a year. The last time she posted a candid photo to Instagram was Thanksgiving and the last time she was spotted by Paparazzi was in May with her new boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. Fingers crossed the singer still throws the bash and that her new beau makes an appearance. What do you guys think? Will she reemerge for the fourth? Do you think it will be the big event it always is? Let us know in the comments or at @whatstrending on Twitter!

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