Tyler the Creator Gets FACE TRANSPLANT in New Music Video

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  • Tyler the Creator is a weird rapper king — his rhymes are unbelievable, but the aesthetic of his brand is unbelievable as well. The bright colors, ironic accoutrements and strange sense of humor has served the rapper well and earned him an army of fans, an Adult Swim sketch show, and a legacy. This strange style is on full display into Tyler’s latest video “Who Dat Boy”.

    The story shown in the video of “Who Dat Boy” shows Tyler the Creator getting into a freak accident scarring his face — not unlike that of your Dr. Dooms or Phantom of the Operas — and he runs to his good friend… his good friend — A$AP Rocky!?!!?!?

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  • You see, A$AP Rocky is a mad scientist, who gives Tyler the Creator a face transplant of a white person’s face. Tyler the Creator then runs around the city, having the time of his life, looking like a social commentary Frankenstein, driving down the street with his new fratty looking friend as the police slowly, slowly drive after him.

    Mad science and commentary! A glorious thing ever since Dracula said “Bleh! I’m a metaphor for the weather or something, I don’t know!

    This wasn’t Tyler’s only release — he also had a song called 911 with Frank Ocean released alongside it!

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