Rapper and Social Media Star Andrew “Dru” Gregory Delights in Misshaps

He and his girlfriend Kristen Hancher star in this delightful web-series!
By Alex Firer
  • It’s a scenario we’re all familiar with — going on a date where you’re worried there may be some expectations — second basey expectations. This is what the third episode of the delightful web series Misshaps offers — and playing against Kristen Hancher, the love of his life is Andrew “Dru” Gregory. A rapper, musical.ly talent and Instagram star who is sure to charm and delight in a series already overwhelming with charm and delight.

    Misshaps is a series about just that — teenage mishaps — weird moments at a party, during a hook up, hearing your parents talk about sex and everything in between. It’s a series, wonderfully written by Meg Favraeu and starring Kristen Hancher and Andrew Gregory, that allows us to revel in the awkward moments of our lives, remember our weird high school days, and feel like hey, we’re not alone in feeling a little odd, right? The series is executive produced by Matt Dugan and can be seen through the Brat network.

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  • Andrew can be seen all over Misshaps, as well as on musical.ly, and in his own series, The Andrew Gregory Series, where he looks over all of his old wins and entertaining the masses and delighting the crowds. But I bet you’re wondering, can he do The Chubby Bunny Challenge? Folks. I have extremely good news. He can do The Chubby Bunny Challenge.

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  • Dru is a supremely talented creator turned rap artist/actor who hails from Toronto and makes his home in Hollywood with a social following of 1m+ across Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and most of all Musical.ly where he thrills his vast audiences with incredible videos, and Misshaps is a delightful, sweet and funny series that you really should watch more of. What, have I ever steered you wrong? Come on.

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