Baby’s Mind BLOWN With First Sip of Coke

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  • Do you remember drinking your first Coke? Did it also make you go into a drug like stupor as you gaze to the ceiling and move your face about with the signs of madness and delight? If you did, then you’re in the same company as this cool Cola loving baby. In a video uploaded to Reddit, a girl named Little Evie sips her first sip of Coke and is immediately thrust into a world of joy and madness as her face contorts, her eyes roll back, and the spirit of Coke takes her.

    And that little girl. Grew up. To be. All of the Coca Cola Polar Bears from that Coca Cola commercial from the 90’s.

  • I want to congratulate her on her polar bear laden career of loving coke, but also very much to offer my condolences as the specter of global warming runs quickly. Here’s hoping that all of those ice flows melt into sweet delicious Cola! Ahhh…

    We must all make plans for our Cola Careers as Bears when the Ice Flows come to us, and yet who makes the time? That’s what I want to know.

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