Tiny Dog Jumps on Big Dog to Swim Across Big Pool

Doggie used surf!
By Alex Firer
  • Dogs. They’re just like us! They too want to surf on the back of a bigger dog while making their way across a swimming pool. I mean, that’s what I want to do at least? We’re not so different, dogs and I. We all love swimming on the backs of bigger dogs. Although most of us could never achieve such a feat — this little dog did! Watch in awe of this eighteen second clip as this one little dog hops on the back of this huge one, making its way across the pool, not unlike it was on the back of a giant Pokémon, or “ship” as you normals probably like to call it.

    Guys, the fourth of July is here. And I know some of you may want to jump on the back of a huge dog and make your way across the ocean. However, I urge you not to! Instead find a nice sizable way, and make your way across the ocean, singing the song of the mighty fish, and having the absolute time of your life.

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