Star Cleaning Meme Gets Fans To Announce Meryl Streep, Shrek as Their President

I clean Shrek's star because I was #RaisedRight
By Alex Firer
  • To say Donald Trump inspires cult like devotion is an understatement. While the president has historically low approval ratings, those who love him LOOOOVE him, adore him, view him as this super king father figure genius, and if you’ve ever been to his star oh the Walk of Fame out here in Hollywood, California — the sidewalk that houses sidewalks chunks announcing the stars — you’ve seen the love first hand. It’s insane. When I went there, there were people flipping off the star, selling MAGA hats and two alt right dudes with coffee cups labeled “Obama” and “Trump” taking photos with the star.

    So the news that someone took their photo cleaning the star is understandable, and the Tweet around it was weird. When a Twitterer Tweeted out this, the internet lost its mind. It’s raised right to slavishly clean the president’s star?! What a sad abstract topic!

  • But then the strange, strange Tweet turned into an incredibly delightful meme as fans posted with stars they’ve cleaned, calling other, frankly better celebrities, such as the CGI man Shrek and Danny DeVito as their presidents. Here is the round up.

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