Trump Tweets Gif of Him Wrestling CNN, Bringing Discourse to Dope New Low

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  • Hey, have you heard about this, have you heard about this? The president of the United States — have you heard about this — Tweeted out a gif — I ASK YOU PEOPLE. HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THIS — of him wrestling from his days doing a cameo appearance in the WWF — please tell me if you have heard about this, I beg of you — where the face of the person he, a grown adult man who has decided to try to successfully become our nation’s president — wrestles has a CNN logo.

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  • I beg of you America, please tell me if you have heard about this.

    The response has been quick and intense because the Tweet is just so so stupid, so humiliating, for everyone involved. There are those who claim that the Tweet is meant to promote violence against reporters — and it may. There are those who believe it is just incredibly idiotic and beneath the dignity of the president, which it 100% is. Then there are those who are stunned it came from someone on Reddit named — ahem — let me just put on my reading glasses — “HanAssholeSolo”. Lovely.

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  • Okay, what did the rest of Twitter have to say about the dumbest Tweet of all time (for the next 24 hours at least — hopefully)?

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