Redditor Who Made Insane Trump Wrestling CNN Gif Apologizes

Weirdly enough, the only one to apologize for this thus far.
By Alex Firer
  • It must be a real head rush to have your weird violent gif be used by the president and have your name be on everyone’s tongues after the president inexplicably Tweeted it out. Such a thing happened to one user who Tweeted out a gif of Donald Trump wrestling a guy with the CNN logo over its head — and that user’s name on everyone’s lips was HanAssholeSolo.

    The ridiculousness of the president of the United States taking a weird and violent gif from someone named HanAssholeSolo was not lost on anyway, HanAssholeSolo was seen posting about it with delight that Trump retweeted him—

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  • Going deeper into the posts of the figure who will now have to be written about in a history book, HanAssholeSolo, shows a troubling pattern of anti semitic and racist memes. One which has been called out has been him implying CNN is party of a shadowy Jewish organization — an anti semitic notion — and him talking about attacking minorities during a trip abroad.

    CNN has discovered the man who I, a serious journalist, must write about, HanAssholeSolo, and who he is using clues from his reddit page. Once CNN contacted HanAssholeSolo, HanAssholeSolo amazingly — wrote a very introspective apology!? Whaaa—

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  • So, interesting. When actually confronted by his actions, trolls seem to immediately apologize and claim this is not who they were. CNN did not release the Trolls’ name — due in part to his apology — but the vague wording of the article made it unclear if they were reserving that right or not. This made a lot of people on the right have been outraged that CNN found this guy, although seemingly, the guy is okay and just wants this all to go away, according to the article’s writer.

  • This didn’t stop people, including Donald Trump Jr, from trying to spread misinformation about the guy — such as his age, saying he is 15. He was not — he was in fact a middle aged man.

    That’s right, the folks who are singling out reporters and threatening violence are upset reporters singled out one of them, without even have dox’d them.

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