Curious Pup Hangs Out in Luggage on NYC Subway

New York dog owners continue getting creative after the big dog ban
By Allie Dietz
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  • Remember that New York subway big dog ban?? You know, the policy the transportation system put in place that only dogs who can fit in a bag are allowed to ride the subway? Yeah, that ridiculous rule is still in place. The October 2016 ban forced NYC residents to get creative when they wanted to bring their furry friends out with them. Since the ban, the subway has become a place of hilarious appearances from adorable dogs squeezing into bags you never knew a big dog could fit in. Like this super cute golden retriever who is going viral for sticking his/her head out of luggage while riding the subway.

    I mean… How does this dog fit?? Where’s it’s body?? How in the world did it’s owners get it in there? My golden would put up such a fight if I ever tried to constrain him in a bag.

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