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  • I can’t believe this is a series. When I first began my multi-part investigative report, Trump is Bad at Handshakes, with his once famous, now overlooked Japanese Handshake, I thought it was just a bit. A goofem. And yet, here we are, yet another terrible embarrassing handshake from Donald Trump. This one however, not due to the fact that he pulls people in for an insane gorilla hug, but more so because he got confused, as he thought the Polish first lady was reaching out to shake his hand and instead he went to shake the hand of Melania Trump, leaving the president out there looking foolish, and staring ahead sadly.

  • Bad handshakes have many tones, many flavors. Some bitter. Some sweet. All hypnotic. Truly the bad handshake is a multifaceted art form. And today we have seen another face.

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