Newscasters Can’t Stop Laughing Over Masturbation Joke

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  • Look, sometimes news goofs — like the brave journalist who was vomited on at Hermosa Beach over the fourth of July — happen due to untruly subjects. People who don’t know they’re making news goofs. But sometimes, the goofs come from the — REPORTERS!? I know, right! The most serious of us, making the biggest news goofs of them all! Although, who could resist a good sexual innuendo now and then? This is what happened when these on air reporters starting talking a lot about “doing it yourself”, and giggling.

    Now, granted, doing it yourself isn’t exactly the most burning innuendo — but it’s fun to see the reporters have a great time with it! And this has been NEWS GOOFS — do you like goofs but on the local news? Remember to always come to What’s Trending for the freshest news goofs.

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