Vegan Café Gets Into War With Customers Over Baby Butthole

A conflict as old as time.
By Alex Firer
  • Weird Yelp reviews are amazing. You get customers outraged they didn’t get the WiFi code, people angry or delighted over the smallest dumbest stuff — and this! At the Imagine Cafe in Memphis, Tennessee, a vegan restaurant, customers kept complaining online about a naked toddler running around showing everyone his butthole. Here’s a screenshot of the review —

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  • This review got under the skin of the establishment’s management — understandably so — and they responded in a very intense Facebook post, threatening to ban people who hate being surprised by the sight of buttholes from their restaurant. Things got more weird and intense in the comments, as the restaurant implied the customer should have grabbed the baby off the table (which is like — is this part of the eating experience? Reigning in rambunctious babies?), but the someone revealed that same baby also pooped near their food?

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  • And look. Babies can be babies, but poop near food? Guys, go ahead and ban me! It’s fine! It’s fine, you guys!

    Although, let’s be frank. This is just a story because it’s very funny to watch people get mad over something goofy.

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