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  • Oh man, I didn’t know the human shout was so powerful it could terrify BEARS! That’s what this Finnish man discovered (or is it already knew?) after he shouts “GODDAMIT! Don’t touch that!” at a grizzly bear, causing the bear to run away, and hide and peek behind a tree like a scared little kitten. The bear was picking at the Finnish man’s garbage you see — he had no choice.

    What makes this video crazier, is the guy goes out there to CONTINUE SHOUTING AT THE BEAR! Buddy! What are you doing? Don’t you know what bears do to humans? It’s some messed up stuff! But somehow you knew the bear would be scared! Maybe they’re friends and staged this? A bear and a human running a grift? Now this I’m into.

    At this point, I feel like we must inform you most bears are not this cowardly so please do not yell at bears.

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