This is the Guiltiest Pug We’ve Ever Seen

Folks. We have never seen a pug this guilty.
By Alex Firer
  • This pug folks. This pug. This little dog pug baby. This is the guiltiest looking pug I’ve ever seen. This is the Donald Trump Jr’s e-mail face of pugs. This pug. This pug is melting my heart with his guilty cuteness! This pug…

    This pug, who from here on out shall be down as John Q. Guilty Doc Pugsley the Fourth has been going around on Twitter from Twitter user @KayJohnson_19, who asks — “Have you ever seen a more guilty pug?”, and sir, I can tell you honestly I have not. His beautiful goofy little sinking eyes, over what — breaking some glasses? Oh pug, can’t you see, your sad little face is worth the world’s supply of broken glasses. Grumpy Cat was a cat who was simply angry at the world, but you Mr. or Mrs. Pug, you have brought joy with your beautiful gaze to the heavens. You care what humans think of you with an almost cartoonish degree, you poor beautiful little thing!

    They got to take this little pug on the road. Have him break things and be guilty all over America. This is amazing.

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