Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump Jr IS HIS OWN DEEP THROAT

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  • In a world brimming with political chaos, and doofus president’s sons tweeting out evidence of their own treasonous activities with Russia (boy oh boy, you guys), we need the clear thinking of our nation’s satirists to keep us on track! Enter Stephen Colbert to discuss more updates in the insane Donald Trump Jr story — and how Donald Trump Jr is his own Deep Throat!

    For those of you who may not know your Super Nixon History, Deep Throat was FBI agent Mark Felt who was instrumental in bringing down Richard Nixon by talking to Washington Post journalists Woodward and Bernstein and providing them with the necessary information to take down Richard Nixon.

    Well, the biggest informant against Donald Trump Jr is — Donald Trump Jr! News so absurd that as Stephen Colbert says, he had to be filmed from the waist up because he has a Donald Trump Jr himself! Crazytown! Enjoy the bananas corruption!

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