Cards Against Humanity Brilliantly Trolls Female-Targeted Products

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  • The “party game for horrible people” is officially available for “nasty women.” Cards Against Humanity, the game that is wrong in all the right ways is no longer a game just for men (who knew it was to begin with), and now has a spin off called Cards Against Humanity for Her. The company announced the new hot pink version of the game yesterday in a press release.

    “Women love the color pink,” said Jenn Bane, the company’s community director. So much so, that we’ll even buy it for $30 as apposed to the $25 black and white original. What makes Cards Against Humanity for Her so special you ask? Well, the only difference from the original game is the color of it’s box and it’s price, so, just the simple fact that it’s “for her.”

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  • Annoying, right? Well, the card company is actually doing this for a good cause.

    The entire campaign is making fun of the stigma associated with the idea that women can’t use normal products. It is specifically highlighting the pink tax, which is the extra cost women often pay for female-oriented versions of products men use. A 2015 study showed that on average, these products cost 7 percent more than products targeted at men.

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  • All profits from Cards Against Humanity for Her will be donated to EMILY’s List which is a political action campaign working to help get pro-choice Democratic women candidates into elected office.

    The company is raising money for a good cause while getting in a good laugh at companies that truly make products “just for her.” The website is filled with sarcastic remarks like “a stylish game created just for her. It’s trendy, quirky, and only takes minutes for us ladies to understand. The cards are soft and won’t slip out of your hands. Perfect for Margarita Nights!”

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