Baby Trying On Mom’s Make Up Is Latest Fashion Icon

Get Anna Wintour on the phone, stat!
By Alex Firer
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  • Who are your fashion idols? Anna Wintour? Chrissy Teigen? Or how about this baby who stole her mom’s make up to create a ridiculous and unbelievable — what is either an ode to the glory of fashion, or a messed up and crazy Joker face. We may never know, but we do know it’s adorable and unbelievably funny to see a baby covered in today’s greatest make up fashions tell her own mother that she’s very mad at her.

    It’s a daring look for only the most daring babies — or any punk rockers inspired by these bad ass babies. Babies, be angry! You’re punk rock babies now! Anna Wintour! I know you mainly do fashion — but take notice! This baby is dope! And baby — listen — don’t let them just pay you in pacifiers if you become a world famous baby make-up icon. You wouldn’t believe the amount of babies that make that kind of mistake.

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