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  • Oui oui, now on our international tour of Trump’s terrible handshakes, we land in France! Home of baguettes, croissant’s, and Trump’s latest garbage greeting. How could a man be so bad at handshakes I’ve made an entire series about it? Folks, I don’t know. But this one is laden with so many classic tropes of this garbage handshake artist. We have SEXISM, we have WEIRD SEXISM, we have AN INABILITY TO PROPERLY CONNECT BETWEEN ONE HAND AND THE OTHER — let’s watch friends.

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  • Wowie Zowie, Mr. Trump. Your bad handshake ways are renowned the world over. You, my friend, are a bad handshake king. And bad person! Telling the President’s wife she’s in good shape? You disgusting weirdo! Both calling attention to a woman’s body and talking about it as if your opinion matters! This handshake has an audio quality others did not! Of course, if you remember our German Edition, he is famously weird about women.

    Anyway, here’s some surreal footage of Trump and Macron watching a marching band play Daft Punk, as I am sure everyone in the history of humanity has wanted to see.

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