CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: Ava Ryan and Her Mom Katie Create Amazing Videos

This hilarious child is taking the internet by storm.
By Alex Firer
  • “I smell like beef”, a toddler whispered in a now classic YouTube video. The video was funny, no one could predict that the toddler would go on to become a full fledged creator — with a style as odd and delightful as that of any adult comedic force. This is Ava Ryan and, with direction from her mother Katie, she has been producing delightful, charming, strange and funny videos for years now — ever since she first broke big on Vine. You see the child giving advice on how to date in the world (stay single, or go to the boyfriend store), how to be friendly to your neighbors (without reservation of course) and how being sixteen makes you a grandfather.

    The videos are funny and done with an effortless charm, so it’s no surprise you can now see one of our youngest content creators delighting them over at Buzzfeed! Watch her be a fun boss lady!

  • You can follow Katie on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and witness the masterful charm of her and her mother’s talents!

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