Website Lets You Log In With Dick Pic Fingerprint

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  • There’s an old theory in the world of tech, that pornography often pushes the video industry forward. When porn chose video tape over the far superior betamax, betamax fell to the wayside — when porn chose blu-ray over HDDVD, Blu Ray was flung away too. So it goes — if we follow this logic — that after CamSoda Dickometrics. Dickometrics demands you log in with a picture of your dick instead of a password. Now, I don’t know how well this website’s dick photo features work — cuz I’m a gentleman, and everyone already has too much information on me already. Some random website knowing what my dick looks like is beyond the pale, but I assume it’s stupid and bad. What is this website doing with a library of dick pics? This sounds like the world’s most obvious blackmail scam. And I’m writing about it! Oh no!

    You might remember the last time we wrote about CamSoda was when they might have faked a shark attack. Now we’re writing about them again because they claim they made a computer that takes photos of your dicks. Folks. Will we ever learn???

    I dunno, you gonna send your weird looking ding dong to some website that might have faked a shark attack? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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