Hero Dog SAVES Drowning Deer

This will reaffirm your belief in good!
By Alex Firer
  • It’s crazy how lucky we are that dogs exist— no matter how messed up human beings get, we can be thankful that we bred an animal just to be kind to us. Dogs can be heroic so easily and freely — just look at Storm, a dog from Long Island, New York who leapt into the water and rescued a drowning deer. The rescue was caught on camera, and you can just feel your heart melting!

    The video, recorded by Storm’s owner, Mark Freeley, shows the dog in the distance trying to grab the deer, bringing the deer out of the water, and staying with the poor thing as it recovers, making sure the cute little thing lives. The dog is a golden retriever, and it’s heartwarming and life affirming to see it take care of something so lovingly. Dogs. What did we do to deserve them?

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