Jimmy Fallon Gets NORMAL People To Act Out Cinema Classics

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  • Every one of us could be an actor — absolutely the easiest thing in the world to do. If anyone ever tells you that acting is hard slap ’em in the face, call ’em a liar and say “maybe for you, a mediocre try hard, but not for me, a superior fly hard”! Jimmy Fallon proves that jumble of words I just barfed out quite easily with the latest video of “Sidewalk Cinema” where a host asks super normal people (aka REAL actors!) to act out classic movies.

    You think Darth Vader is scary? Buddy, wait until you hear him as voiced by a big old normal! You want to hear ET talk? Forget that goofy voice! Listen to that normal guy voice talk about phoning home. This folks, this is the real deal. This is some Elia Kazan/real world stuff. Wanna watch all the silliness? Click above, my friend, click above!

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