Is Drake Coming Out With Take Care 2?

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  • One of Drake‘s most recent Instagram photos is throwing fans for a loop!

    You could say that Drake is somewhat of a fashionista, and his latest look has people wondering if he’s back in his Take Care phase.

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  • Drake released Take Care back in 2011, and fans are now speculating there could be a part two thanks to this photo:

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  • The vibe of the photo is so similar to Take Care… I can’t handle it!

    If you’re not too familiar with the album, just know it brought us a bunch of bangers like Headlines, Take Care, Marvins Room, HYFR (Hell Ya Fucking Right), and so many more.

    As you can imagine, this photo sent Drake fans into a frenzy, and even got #TakeCare2 trending on Twitter.

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  • Aside from wondering if this project is really in the works, there is a far more important question we need answered… Drake, who hurt you?

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  • Even if Take Care 2 doesn’t happen, one thing is for sure — we get amazing music from Drake when he’s feeling some type of way.

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  • But, wait! Let’s not forget that Drake didn’t actually write a majority of Take Care.

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  • Someone get The Weeknd on the phone please. Drake is going to need some help to pull off this part two.

    Are fans reading too far into this photo? Let us know in the comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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