JAMES FRANCO Starring in “The Disaster Artist”, The Tommy Wiseau Story

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  • James Franco and Seth Rogen’s newest movie, The Disaster Artist, is a behind the scenes look at the making of the cult classic movie The Room — more or less the story of the worst movie ever made created by the legendary bad film director Tommy Wiseau.

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • Oh, you’ve never heard of The Room? 

    The Room is widely regarded as one of the worst films every made. Released in 2003 in a single theater in Los Angeles, the film grew an underground following through word-of-mouth. In 2005, it was released on DVD and streaming services.

    But just how bad is The Room? Here’s the real version of the clip in the trailer.

  • That mysterious man in the lead role of Johnny is writer/director Tommy Wiseau.

    Wiseau is a bit of a mystery man. He is very vague about where he comes from, asserting he grew up in Louisiana, but one researcher claims he immigrated from Poland in 1985. The Room is 100% Tommy Wiseau’s uncompromised vision.

    The Room somehow manages to get everything about making a movie wrong, but it’s still a lot of fun to watch. It’s the perfect midnight movie!

    Thanks to word-of-mouth accelerated by the internet, this rough gem of a movie which might never have been seen is now a pop cultural phenomenon.

    The making of the movie was chronicled in the book The Disaster Artist, which the movie is based on. The book was written by producer and co-star Greg Sestro, who plays Mark, Johnny’s best friend who cheats with Johnny’s fiancee Lisa.

    The book about The Room somehow manages to be even crazier than the movie itself, which will soon be brought to life thanks to the Franco brothers.

     James and Dave Franco star as Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestro respectively. Seth Rogen co-stars as Sandy Schklair, the uncredited assistant director of The Room

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